B0eVZLQCQAA_DNBThe key to setting yourself apart in a crowded marketplace has historically meant having a defining brand. The digital-age key to relevance is engaging your audience online with meaningful content. How do you put both these keys into the same lock? With an effective web presence that:

  • Displays your strengths and abilities,
  • facilitates communication with your supporters, and
  • motivates people to act and support your efforts.

The North Carolina Family Policy Council (NCFPC) was halfway there. It was content-rich but web-poor. The organization produced compelling daily content and reached a strong network of supporters and public officials. However, the lack of a robust web identity meant the value of its content as well as its influence in the policy arena was falling on closed eyes.

To more effectively deliver content and to build a brand that conveyed that influence in today’s multimedia environment, the organization turned to Design4.

Today, NC Family has a web presence that effectively promotes its brand, organizes content for easy access and sharing, and encourages supporter involvement.

NCFPC’s output includes a weekly radio show, quarterly magazine, daily updates, and policy papers—a wide variety of media, produced at different frequencies, covering several issues, and accessed by users over extended periods of time. Design4 needed to develop a highly organized website to showcase this breadth of content while keeping older media easily available.

Our solution was to layer two types of categorization: Articles sorted by issue, and articles sorted by media. The iconic brand we developed for NCFPC also allowed us to roll out an icon system across the site to help users quickly identify media, and further enforce the strength of the organization’s activity.

Now, NCFPC’s users can quickly find the issue that most concerns them; they can return to that insightful radio show they heard last week; or they can read the latest magazine edition in a single click. All of the content is intuitively available and clearly identified throughout the site.

This engagement is NCFPC’s key to educating and equipping its audience, influencing North Carolina leaders and growing its network of supporters and volunteers.

To learn more visit http://www.ncfpc.org/