Clint’s background in advertising and marketing includes more than 38 years as a writer, designer, producer, and message strategist. This professional experience spans the disciplines of integrated marketing, broadcast television and radio advertising, film and video production, print advertising and collateral print design, and corporate communications.  Throughout his career he has been the recipient of hundreds of local, state and national awards for work in all media. The first half of his career was focused on marketing and advertising commercial real estate, consumer retail, business-to-business, and technology-based products.

The second half is where this gets interesting. They say if you find your passion you’ll never work another day in your life. So, in 1990 Clint effectively stopped working. He felt led to form Design4 to help Christian ministries and conservative pro-family groups have a creative and constructive voice in the public square. That means producing fresh ideas…daily…and finding high-leverage ways to speak them into a culture increasingly hostile to what some Design4 clients have to say. Today his heart beats for effecting opinion change on significant social issues. That, and… Read More.

DSC_8418-pam-nametagPam joined the Design4 team in 2005. We didn’t know it at the time but the Agency was on the verge of a significant expansion and needed a strong, well-organized and versatile team player. In walked Pam and the rest, as they say, is history. Design4 doubled in size since her arrival and her capacity for media and production management has effortlessly expanded with it.

Pam has been planning, negotiating and placing all media for Design4 since 2006, and has developed a wealth of experience placing media strategically at both the national and state level for public policy and issue advocacy clients. Her speedy turnaround time during critical placement deadlines is exceptional. In 2012, during a 5 month period, she planned and placed over $2.4 million in TV/Cable, radio and print schedules on 11 separate client accounts. She executed media placement for both the 2008 Arizona and 2008 Florida constitutional marriage amendments. During the 2010 election season she managed the agency’s media planning… Read More

DSC_8418-sue-nametagIt took us several years to convince Sue to finally get herself a new chair. Even with money in the budget, the $35 office chair with the decided tilt that she’d been using since our garage apartment office days was just fine, thank you. You can see why we put her in charge of the money.

Typically, a Controller’s job is financial management. For Sue it’s larger than that, an act of service under the broader heading of stewardship. Since 2003 she has overseen all project funds entrusted to us, along with the Agency’s finances. She is responsible for all client campaign reconciliations, Agency accounting, maintaining our banking relationships, and for general financial counsel. Sue is our longest tenured staff member. If we gave awards she would get ours for MVP and her importance to the success of our mission can’t be overstated. Prior to joining Design4 Sue was a bank assistant vice president, worked as a stockbroker, and served as Controller for both Clarity Communications… Read More