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Our firm’s messaging expertise is centered within a range of issue sets critical to ministries and pro-family policy organizations engaged in the public square. While we work on a variety of cultural and policy issues, our work encompasses three primary categories: Life; Human Sexuality; and Religious Freedom. Within these categories we engage specifically on difficult social issues such as euthanasia, partial birth abortion, human trafficking, illegal pornography, human rights, child sexual abuse, adoption, homelessness, and rights of conscience.
We believe that non-profits should extol their message with the same level of quality as those with large marketing budgets. New tools are emerging daily, enabling organizations to more efficiently and effectively communicate their message both to supporters and to the larger culture. We come alongside staff to assist in message development, creative execution, and message distribution.
Whether promoting a policy or selling a product, one of the first rules of marketing communication is that ideas shape opinions… but big ideas move people to action. We begin by identifying your ‘unique selling proposition,’ then build idea sets from a thorough analysis of your product, your market, your competitors, and your specific goals. Ogilvy would be proud. It’s a time-tested formula for messaging—enhanced by creative leverage—then placed when and where your target is most likely to be tuned in.

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