It took us several years to convince Sue to finally get herself a new chair. Even with money in the budget, the $35 office chair with the decided tilt she’d been using since our early office days was just fine, thank you. You can see why we put her in charge of the money.

Typically, a Controller’s job is financial management. For Sue it’s larger than that; an act of service under the broader heading of stewardship. Since 2003 she has overseen all client project funds entrusted to us, along with the Agency’s finances. She is responsible for our client campaign reconciliations, Agency accounting, maintaining our banking relationships, and for general financial counsel.

Sue is our longest tenured staff member. If we gave awards she would get ours for MVP and her importance to the success of our mission can’t be overstated. Prior to joining Design4 Sue was a bank assistant vice president, worked as a stockbroker, and served as Controller for both Clarity Communications and Romano Cline Advertising.

When she’s not moving money she’s knee-deep in missions work, working with high-school kids at her church, keeping sand in her toes at the beach, or off snow-skiing whenever fresh powder is down. Sue is also a native Floridian. She and her husband Jon have three grown children.