In honor of Women’s History Month, it’s only natural we feature the Susan B. Anthony List, a national client working in the spirit and tradition of the original suffragettes. SBA List and its affiliated Women Speak Out PAC are dedicated to advancing pro-life leadership in the U.S. Congress and in State legislatures.

While SBA List utilizes a full spectrum of broadcast, digital and social communication to reach constituents, print media remains an integral part of their communication strategy. Here are three ways SBA effectively employs print:
  • Business Plan | The organization produces an annual Business Plan for its extensive donor base. Akin to a traditional corporate Annual Report, the Business Plan is a 32-page themed production that communicates both its achievements from the previous year as well as its plans and strategies for the upcoming year. It is a high-end 5-color print production and is used throughout the year.
  • Newsletter | SBA List supplements email communications to their members with “Impact,” a traditional quarterly printed newsletter that shares recent activity and progress on its various initiatives. We have designed Impact to print, stitch and fold for mailing on their in-house digital press.
  • Event Communications | SBA List’s Annual Gala & Summit requires an integrated package of materials, including a multi-page “Save-the-Date” promotion, Event Invitation, response vehicles, Event program, and Summit Program, all designed around a changing theme each year. Each component is designed to reflect the elegance of the evening while complementing the SBA List brand.
SBA List recognizes the diversity of its donors – some are digital immigrants while others are digital natives.  By maintaining a commitment to quality print materials they are better able to target each membership group via the channel they prefer, thus reaching a wider audience.To learn more about SBA visit: The SBA List’s Six Point Mission