3 Steps to creating impactful Facebook adsWe recently ran a Facebook campaign to gain “likes” for a client that outperformed even our own expectations, and we’d like to share three things we learned: Test. Design. Target.

1.) TEST for best results – We created four images using the same copy and ran the ads for four days. We dropped the two ads with lowest results, let Facebook optimize the remaining two ads and immediately began to see a rapid increase in both click-through-rate and likes.

2.) DESIGN for impact – As any good ad design requires, Facebook ads should use dynamic images to draw attention and move people to stop and look. Avoid busy images and gimmickry, and always include a concise call to action.

3.) TARGET – A well-targeted message is key to effective messaging. When defining your audience, ensure it is large enough to provide good reach but focused enough on the viewers who most need to see your message.

Following these three principles allowed us to help our client maximize their advertising expenditure. The ads led to a significant increase in organic reach, meaning they got more likes than they paid for, as well as more visitors to their website.

Simply, we speak Facebook. If you don’t and if your organization or candidate is interested in maximizing their own digital reach, we should talk. Please let us know how we can help you today.