Targeted Display Advertising
Our last blog showed the ease of adapting your message to the growing variety of digital media platforms your audience is viewing. But did you know today it’s possible to more directly target your audience – even your exact mailing list – with digital messaging?!

Enter the world of Targeted Display Advertising (TDA), a new tool based on attaching your message to a user’s own IP (internet protocol) address. Think of it as finding someone in a crowded stadium with a custom message that only they will see… the ultimate personalized message delivery tool.

With voter file data now available for use in digital targeting, political and advocacy campaigns can micro-target key audiences online to better promote a piece of legislation, a ballot proposition, or social cause. The advantage to you: monitoring and immediacy. You can watch your results in real-time then modify your message immediately to better capture viewer interest and response. Technology helps your creative message work harder, a game changer for those who know how to apply effective messaging with these new technological tools.

Want to put your ads in front of only those who are likely to vote or to donate? Through TDA you can now reach your target audience 25 times for every one direct piece of mail. Here’s how it works:

1.    We match your offline data, physical names and addresses, with an IP address.
2.    We send display ads to websites that your target data IP addresses visit.
3.    Your ads will run directly in front of Internet users found within your proprietary data.

Layering your message with TV, radio, direct mail, and digital display ads will give you the well-rounded campaign necessary for today’s competitive world.

What about results? We recently ran a three-week campaign for a political candidate to generate name awareness using both Targeted Display Advertising (TDA) and Pre-Roll Advertising (PRA) targeting voters in a very cost-effective outreach to tightly defined markets. Some 20,000 voters on our target list saw the message nearly 6 times each.

For a fact sheet on this new tool send us an email or click here to download an interactive PDF. Next time will discuss how to make sure your media planner  understands the nuances of political ad placement.