Reach More Voters with the Right Message by using the Latest Digital Advertising Tools #Election2016

Design4 Expands Ad Buying and Digital Targeting for #Election2016 to Help Candidates & Issues Win

On the heels of successful efforts in the 2014 election cycle, Florida-based Design4 announced an innovative digital targeting tool for use by conservative political consultants and PACs, especially those focused on key battleground states like Florida.

“Our initial tests during the 2014 mid-terms delivered very encouraging results. We now have enhanced media targeting capabilities for candidates and causes,” said Design4 President Clint Cline.

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How Are You Spending Your Advertising Dollars?

Congratulations! You finally got the budget to place ads as part of your marketing strategy. Now how do you determine where to spend those advertisement dollars — is it an online campaign, or do you run print ads or TV?

The good news is that you have a lot of choices. The bad news? You have a lot of choices. Here are 3 ways we can help you navigate your options.

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Design4 Marketing’s 2014 Post Election Report

We’re celebrating client victories across the country in the 2014 election – especially those in battleground states that resulted in Republicans gaining control of the U.S. Senate. With offices in Plant City and Washington, D.C., we provided consultation, messaging, TV, digital, and radio ad creation, media planning and placement, website design and voter guide research and production for state, regional and national policy and political clients.

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Applying Messages to New Technology

Pre-Roll Advertising, YouTube, Digital

Design4’s recent digital campaign for its affiliate partner, Front Line Strategies who is managing FL Rep. Dennis Baxley’s campaign, including pre-roll video and display banner ads.

A compelling message is the heart of any good campaign. But an effective campaign will learn to adapt that message across the wide variety of media today in order to reach audiences most favorable to it. So while the number of views your message receives is still important, having interested viewers is even more so.

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