Web design and technology today are rapidly advancing to deliver information in more ways and more places than ever before. Is your website keeping up? If not, then we should talk. But before we do, take a look at these six key principles we employ to optimize the effectiveness of any website:

1. Simplifying Website Management and Maintenance:

User-friendly content management systems (CMS) are now open source, allowing organizations to easily manage their own websites. We build websites (almost exclusively) in WordPress, the most widely used CMS available for the web today. If you can write an email, you can manage a WordPress website. Click here to learn more about why we choose WordPress.

2. Enhancing Mobile User Connectivity:

Responsive web design is the word of the day in the world of mobile internet connectivity. That’s how we made it easy for LifeNews.com’s readers to share news stories with their social networks so that stories go viral. See how we converted LifeNews.com into a reading-ready experience for its 60%+ users who visit from their mobile devices.

d4_LFN redesign

3. Simplifying Data Collection:

Collecting user data no longer needs to be a chore for the user. Check out the single field flipper we built for Hawaii Family Forum to collect data in a quick and easy manner.

d4_HFF redesign

4. Increasing Repeat Users:

Your latest content must be readily available and well organized to keep visitors engaged and coming back for more. See the content flow we designed to deliver NC Family’s daily multimedia offerings in a fresh way.

d4_NCP redesign

5. Designing with a multi-device mentality:

Older web interface design expected everything to be seen on a single desktop screen. But the mobile web environment demands a dynamic, clean, and easy-to-navigate interface in order to serve screens of all sizes. Check out the Father’s Table Foundation’s transformation (Hint: take a look at it on your smartphone or tablet too!):
d4_FTF redesign-ipad

6. Improving Donation Response:

Non-profit groups need donation forms that are highly visible and easy to follow through to the finish. We gave Hawaii Family Action a fast and simple application that integrated giving right into their homepage. We also delivered smooth, custom donation functionality to NC Family to make mobile giving easy.

d4_HFA redesign

Is your website holding you back? We’d love to talk about how we can help your online presence keep up with the latest user-friendly technology.

See more of our web design and development work at www.design4.org/portfolio.