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One of the most common questions clients ask our web design team is which content management system (CMS) we develop on and why. For Design4 – and most of our clients – the best platform is WordPress, a CMS that is robust enough to meet our client’s needs – from basic to complex – yet simple enough that they can have control over their own websites. Here are our top benefits of using WordPress:

1.) Free and Open Source -There is a strong community that contributes to the core of WordPress. It’s updated regularly with security patches and integrates with the latest web technology. WordPress is free and will always remain free. No waiting around for an individual company to provide support. WordPress updates are tested thoroughly and pushed out regularly so websites can always be up to date.

2.) Popularity – Roughly 20% of the web is powered by WordPress. That means reliability, flexibility, and versatility. Big companies like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal trust WordPress to push out their most important content, as do millions of small businesses. Because of its popularity, it easily integrates with multiple third-party applications like email marketing software (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc), SEO software, and various other applications. Additionally, there are thousands of free and premium apps available to help developments teams build in all kinds of functions for WordPress users.

3.) Ease of Use – If you can write an email, you’ll be able to use the most important features of WordPress. WordPress is built to ease the creation and automation of content. It’s probably the simplest yet most robust content management system available.

4.) Search Engine Optimization – Of the internet’s top 100 blogs, nearly 50% are powered by WordPress. Its ability to integrate easily with SEO software means that the task of optimizing your website for search engines is made easier and more efficient using WordPress.

Do we develop on other platforms? Yes. While we’ve found WordPress to meet the needs of almost all our clients, it’s not for everyone. To find out more about the level of work we do, visit our Portfolio. If you’re ready to start your own web project today, give us a call or take a few minutes to fill out our web inquiry form.