Design4 Expands Ad Buying and Digital Targeting for #Election2016 to Help Candidates & Issues Win

On the heels of successful efforts in the 2014 election cycle, Florida-based Design4 announced an innovative digital targeting tool for use by conservative political consultants and PACs, especially those focused on key battleground states like Florida.

“Our initial tests during the 2014 mid-terms delivered very encouraging results. We now have enhanced media targeting capabilities for candidates and causes,” said Design4 President Clint Cline.

Here’s how it works.  Candidate Smith knows that to win her #Election2016, she must reach voters on mobile devices, not just desktop. [Click to Tweet] Her media consultant claims to be targeting the right voters on mobile, but then she discovers only 20-30% of the entire audience is being reached, the result of using outdated targeting methods. Voter match rates are dismal on mobile platforms if the right technology is not used.  [Click to Tweet]

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How would Design4 increase the number of voters reached? Working with Candidate Smith’s campaign staff, Design4 would match her targeted voter file of postal addresses to the voter’s IP address. Immediately Candidate Smith would see more than a 50% match rate of voter files to IP addresses with her digital and video ads hitting the screens of these target voters. Every week the ads run, Smith will be able to match more names on her list, potentially reaching as high as 80%.

Targeted digital advertising is an excellent supplement to traditional direct mail. For the same cost as one direct mail piece, Smith’s message will appear on-screen (desktop and mobile) 20 to 25 times. This increased frequency via digital display and video messaging will reinforce her name or key issue in the voter’s mind, which is critical during early voting and during the 2 weeks before an election.

Political broadcast media inventory will be tight and expensive, so adding targeted digital ads to the mix can be a game changer.

Lesley Bateman, Design4’s director of client services added, “We are now deploying a substantially more efficient targeting tool that provides the highest match rate possible, with a 95% confidence that you’re reaching the right person in the household.”

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