Why We Use WordPress

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One of the most common questions clients ask our web design team is which content management system (CMS) we develop on and why. For Design4 – and most of our clients – the best platform is WordPress, a CMS that is robust enough to meet our client’s needs – from basic to complex – yet simple enough that they can have control over their own websites. Here are our top benefits of using WordPress:

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The Keys to a Successful Web Presence

B0eVZLQCQAA_DNBThe key to setting yourself apart in a crowded marketplace has historically meant having a defining brand. The digital-age key to relevance is engaging your audience online with meaningful content. How do you put both these keys into the same lock? With an effective web presence that:

  • Displays your strengths and abilities,
  • facilitates communication with your supporters, and
  • motivates people to act and support your efforts.

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