As you read in our last newsletter, when the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC) asked Design4 to assist with their defense of the long-standing values of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), little did we know it would involve creating two national organizations, two websites, an aggressive social media program, and a new brand rollout at a national convention…all within six months.

Phase II  

Following the Boy Scouts of America’s final decision to change its membership standards, OnMyHonor.Net turned its efforts toward creating a new scouting program for young men.

Design4 was asked to guide them in developing the process and protocols for naming the organization, and to create the brand. In addition, the agency would develop the organization’s website, social media practices, and assist in the messaging effort during the transition from OnMyHonor.Net to the new organization.

Design4 led the organization through a process of polling, focus groups, and small group strategy sessions to develop to a new name and identity as Trail Life USA. Utilizing a stirring video presentation at Trail Life’s inaugural convention in September 2013, we unveiled the name and visual identity to a resounding ovation from the more than 1,200 in attendance.

Watch The Trail Life USA Unveiling Video:

Our design team also created a suite of branded convention materials and commemorative apparel items for the launch.

The Results:

  • Acclamation: The name and branding of the new organization, Trail Life USA, was unveiled at the convention and unanimously approved by the attendees.
  • Identity & Growth: In the 5 months following the Leadership Convention the Facebook fan base has more than doubled to nearly 23,000; Twitter followers have more than tripled to 1,800, and Trail Life USA has a large and growing presence on Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Fast Start: The January 1, 2014 launch of actual troop charters exceeded initial projections. More than 500 troops are in the charter process and more than a thousand charter inquiries were received in the first few weeks of January.
Design4 is proud to have played a part in helping Trail Life USA on its way to achieving its vision to be the premier national character development organization for young men which produces Godly and responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens.

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