New Yorkers for Life recently approached Design4 to devise a high-impact campaign to ensure that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s aggressive pro-abortion “Reproductive Health Act” didn’t see the light of day in New York’s legislature. Even the media saw through his “abortion expansion” act:

“Governor Cuomo’s abortion plan is not about women’s health or  equality. It’s about a radical ideology – and an industry – that can’t rest until every abortion up to the moment of birth is considered a fundamental human right which can never be transgressed…”

–Greg Pfundstein, New York Post

New Yorkers for Life came to Design4 with these guidelines:

  • Create pressure to ensure that the bill never came to a vote during the 60-day New York legislative session
  • Use high-impact humor to leverage the attention of New York voters
  • Maximize media dollars through creative cost placement

Ideas for Impact: 

The Design4 media and creative teams:

  • Created :15 and :30 second digital pre-roll videos for web and TV placement
  • Used voter cookie pools to determine where to best target voters on the Internet with digital media
  • Employed humor to capitalize on Governor Cuomo’s extreme political stances
  • Placed commercials in both broadcast and network news


    • 215, 017 ad impressions with a total of 156,096 video views while reaching 55,480 active voters an average of 2.8 times meeting reach and frequency goals
    • 878 of the active voters reached clicked through to the website
    • Reached all targeted age groups using a wide net of websites, including drudgereport.com, huffingtonpost.com, nydailynews.com, nypost.com, politico.com, realclearpolitics.com, theblaze.com, townhall.com and usnews.com

The motion-graphic ads created by the Design4 creative team emphasized a call-to-action by pointing viewers to the campaign website. There they were encouraged to contact their local legislators through any of several means. This contact put pressure on those legislators to not consider expanding abortion during the session.

When the New York legislative session ended with the entire Act being tossed aside, New Yorkers for Life credited this campaign for playing a critical role in that decision. The campaign also exposed Governor Cuomo’s personal and political agenda of expanding abortion with taxpayer funding and made sure that voters and legislators could see through his rhetoric on “women’s equality.”