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Congratulations! You finally got the budget to place ads as part of your marketing strategy. Now how do you determine where to spend those advertisement dollars — is it an online campaign, or do you run print ads or TV?

The good news is that you have a lot of choices. The bad news? You have a lot of choices. Here are 3 ways we can help you navigate your options.

We ask, “WHO?”

What audience are you trying to reach? We look at their age, sex, location, ethnicity, voting history and political preferences to tailor a media strategy to your communication objectives. Data-driven media planning means we can reach them more efficiently and more precisely with the message you want delivered. Want proof? By carefully defining audience and adjusting our media accordingly we helped one political client win a hotly contested State House primary race by only 2 votes! And in the same 2014 election cycle we helped another win a State House seat over an incumbent by just 2.8%. Read more about it here.

We ask, “WHAT?”

Your message is tailored to achieve a goal. Your media should, too. What action do you want your audience to take…to try a service or product? To increase their donations? Perhaps, to persuade them to take action on a serious policy issue? Here’s how one client benefited from a properly targeted media campaign with a clear call to action.

We ask, “HOW?”

Whether through TV, Radio, Print, Digital or Out-of-home (or a little of each…) these broad media platforms can be sub-divided into smaller, targeted channels. You may think you can’t afford TV, but your message may best be placed on a cable station. Digital can and should be integrated into most any campaign, but it’s important to know what to use. Radio can reach listeners in a way television can’t. Here’s an example of how we used multiple media channels, including very targeted digital, to help stop bad legislation from seeing the light of day.

We’d like to be your first choice for media planning and placement in your marketing strategy. Our campaign experience spans everything from issue awareness to political campaigns to products and services. We know who to find, what to ask, and how to reach them. So, when you need help navigating your media choices, keep us in mind!